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faq.jpgWhat makes Shake This different from other protein shake bar concepts?

Shake This is a turnkey protein shake bar company designed to be implemented in service oriented health clubs, recreational centers, tanning salons and hospitals. A good protein shake bar provides an additional income stream and a social environment while giving people a convenient option for superior nutrition.  

What makes our concept different?

Shake This was started in a health club by a health club owner. We understand that a protein shake bar should not be a distraction from running the other aspects of your facility. We offer a concept that is Real Simple, with Real Ingredients that produces REAL PROFIT.  

Is this a franchise?

No. To members, Shake This appears as a franchise but to health Club ownersTheir are no exorbitant franchise fees. Average costs of shakes are $1.30 and, Depending on your market, sell for $4.00 to $5.00. Some facilities have machines that you just press a button and out pops a shake.  We feel perception is everything. When clients see each ingredient being put into a shake and then blended, they perceive the quality to be higher than the "push button vending machine".  


What is the cost to implement a protein shake bar in my facility?

Shake This offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to implementing a protein shake bar. If you are looking to make a statement our Signature Bar is for you, which is priced at $5995. Our Signature Bar utilizes real fruit and fruit juices giving members more options for the protein shakes flavors without added preservatives or sugar. The Signature Bar Includes:

  • A proven protein bar system
  • Two coming soon at banners
  • Acrylic containers
  • Initial stocking of product for approximately 800 shakes
  • Hands on the equipment and procedure training in your facility
  • Hands on shake making in your facility
  • Role playing on a sampling and up selling additives in your facility
  • All travel and accommodation expenses to and from your facility
  • A complete step-by-step training video
  • Shake this supersized menu board
  • 5 full color countertop menus
  • 2 locker room menu boards
  • 2 sets of recipe cards
  • 200 free shake cards

If you are limited on space or budget our "Mini Bar" is a great option, which is priced at $3995. This system eliminates the recipes that call for frozen fruit, resulting in less need for storage, refrigeration space and does not require a freezer.      

What equipment do I need?

All bars require a drain, access to water, an ice machine, acrylic powder containers, a commercial grade blender and a refrigerator. Shake This can supply these items for you at unbeatable prices. If you already have an equipment source you are not required to purchase any of these items from Shake This.  

Are there any other costs?

The costs vary from facility to facility, but if you don't already have a designated protein shake bar you will need to consider:

  • Construction of the cabinetry and bar fixture
  • Getting plumbing and electric to the area

Does Shake This help to design or build the bar?

We have done several designs and builds and have a cabinetry shop that we work hand with to ensure a quality fixture. If you want your local contractor to build your fixture we can provide you with basic drawings that include openings, counter heights and equipment placing. If someone else designed your bar, we would like to help with the placement of equipment so you have a very functional system. This is also important for water lines and drains.  

What kind of ongoing support could I expect?

Our step-by-step training video will simplify educating new staff on working the protein shake bar.  Simply have them watch the video and spend 30 minutes with someone on shift, and they'll be ready to shake it up. Also, as new recipes and marketing materials are created, they are automatically sent out to all locations.  

What if I have questions after I am up and running?

Shake This is here for YOU. We want you to have a successful protein shake bar and if you have a question we will be here to answer it. Simply call our office or email us, and we will get you taken care of. Shake This provides marketing and promotional material for you at no cost, simply look for our monthly email in your inbox!


What do I need to consider when placing a protein shake bar and my facility?

You will need water, power and a drain.  Ideally your bar should be located where every member goes passed it entering and exiting the club. The best scenario is when the bar is incorporated with the front desk.  

How much space does it take to have a protein shake bar?

The ideal space is about 12' x 15' and in most cases we recommend combining the protein shake bar with your reception desk.  

How do I get started and how long does it take to get the bar up and running?

Once you have reviewed the information and the quote, we can begin the process of customizing the bar to your space. This may include remodeling your existing bar or incorporating the bar into your current space.  

Shake This is here to help you figure out the best layout and design for a successful bar.

From that point, we create your menu boards and begin coordinating the installation of your bar. We typically have equipment to you within 2-4 weeks and Shake This will be on site to help you get the bar running.