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shake.pngShake This Offers TWO Options for Setting up Bar

1. Click Here for Information on a Standalone Shake This Location (available in the US only).

2. Have an existing location? A gym, health club, resort, hospital? Read below about how we can get you setup.


The Five Big Questions

  1. Does your bar average $.50 to $1.00 per check in?
  2. Do your members make special trips to the gym to buy protein shakes?
  3. Do members of other gyms come in to buy your protein shakes?
  4. Do your trainers support the protein shakes you offer?
  5. Do you have a 300% mark up on your protein shakes?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you are leaving money on the table every month. If you have considered shutting your protein shake bar down ... DON'T.

Shake This Bar


Shake This Will Help You With:

  • Better Quality Products which increase staff involvement
  • Better Menu Boards which increase awareness and excitement
  • Better Tasting Shakes which increase repeat business
  • Better Margins which increased the bottom line

Projecting Income

Their are several factors that can affect the revenue potential in your protein shake bar, such as:

  • Location with in the gym
  • Menus and variety of shakes offered
  • Type of bar stools and seating
  • TV locations and viewing areas

The income of a protein shake bar is mostly dependent on your daily check-in's. Smaller facilities, in general, generate less overall money but have a tendency to average more Protein shake bar dollars per visit. A typical goal for facilities doing under 300 visits per day is $.75 to $1.00 per member visit. A Atypical goal for facilities doing over 300 visits per day is $.50 to $.75 per member visit.  

Watch this video

To see an explanation of projected incomes based on daily visits and monthly visits. Every facility is a little different because of their peak days and traffic. These figures should give you a good starting point to project income based on your own facilities traffic.