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Shake This Standalone License


Shake This started inside a health club in Springfield, Missouri in 1996.

Initially, Shake This was created as a profit center exclusively for our own health clubs. Our goal was to create a social environment centered around a smoothie bar. We knew if we wanted to make money with our juice bar that our shakes needed to taste great and be something members would rave about and purchase repeatedly.

A decade later, we have perfected the best equipment, ingredients, recipes, menus and even the exact layouts to ensure successful business. And this opportunity is not being extended outside of the walls of health clubs. Now our legendary bars can be owned by individual entrepreneurs! And here is the best news ...

Shake This is NOT a franchise. For our applicants, this means that there are NO franchise fees. What? And moreover, there are NO royalties. Not now. Not ever. Our limited approved owners get all the benefits of a franchise without paying franchise fees or royalties. We provide:

  • Top Shelf proprietary protein and meal replacement powder for our shakes that cannot be purchased anywhere else
  • A retail product supply line that can be introduced into any store
  • Conceptual 3D designers for your store
  • Dealer priced equipment and cabinetry
  • A real estate agency to help you find the best locations
  • Access to our architects
  • Full Training and additional business management training

st2.pngShake This is undoubtedly more affordable than other food franchises. We offer a concept that is Real Simple, with Real Ingredients that produces REAL PROFIT. Our startup costs are low, we have low operation costs, almost no spoilage and require limited staff.

With just two days of training you will know everything there is to know about how to run your new Shake This location. Need extra training? No problem…. We have resources instantly available.

How much space is needed for a Shake This location?

The ideal space is at least 500 sq feet. This will accommodate the bar, storage, retail space and some seating.

Is anything else sold besides protein shakes?

Yes, our stores offer a full line of proprietary whey protein and meal replacement powders, health supplements, as well as the option of offering supplement from nationwide distributors.


Where are Shake This bars located?

The best locations, often found by our real estate agency if you choose to use them, are going to be in strip mall locations that are within a 2 mile drive from a large health clubs that don't currently have a smoothie bar.

What kind of ongoing support could I expect?

Our step-by-step training videos will simplify educating new staff on working the protein shake bar. Simply have them watch the video and spend 30 minutes with someone on shift, and they'll be ready to shake it up. Also, as new recipes and marketing materials are created, they are automatically sent out to all locations. You will receive new product offerings each month.

What are on our menus?

We offer proteins shakes on several menus, including chocolate based, vanilla based, fruit based and coffee based. Owners will also have the option of serving iced coffees, shots of high end espresso blend in protein shakes, and iced lattes. Why? Because we also happen to own very large coffee franchise and can make the product available to you.

What is the Total Investment?

Please Note: The itemization below is just an estimate of what a typical setup costs. Owners are not required to purchase anything below from Shake This except 1) the license fee and 2) the Initial Stocking.

Health Club Owners -- These expenses do not apply to gyms, health clubs, resorts or hospitals.
Please see Get A Bar for setup information.

 To open a store, you need at least $50,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $100,000.



How Can I Estimate My Monthly Revenue?

The P&L below is for a store that is 1000 square feet selling 100 shakes per day. Please DOWNLOAD your own version of the spreadsheet below to update the numbers for your particular situation.


CLICK HERE TO Download the Profit and Loss Estimator.


We Even Help With Your Business Plans!


Interested in a Healthy Concept?

We are Happy to provide you with all of our product info and nutritional information. Just click here to download the details.


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